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Door design and production

We are proud copiers of design found through any source. Simply, the customer is the prime mover of the way we work.


The technological age, combined with materials within our environment, not forgetting the skills, dogged and determined approach of staff and partners, producing a door has become affordable with up to date style available within a short order period.


The factory based within the Lagos metropolis provides easy access for our customers to have personal inspection of products being produced and the  company is a ready listener to customer requirements.

Installation Services

Doors built for customised customers might also require our services by way of installation to frames, fitting architraves or trimmings. 


As long as we are involved in timber selection, natural drying process and wood engineering, task of installation becomes a doddle for our team of installers.


Nigeria, as an environment with abundance of energy and working material can be challenging.


With a positive outlook to  life, we have discovered that being involved in a virgin environment is the place to strech one's imagination.


With a mix of sturdy old machinery combined with new work machines, that has been tested and the resilience of enthusiasts, we encourage and make available our factory for outsourced.


Simply book time and space, we'll provide the necessary power and tools for the projects of customers. 

Workspace facility and engineering
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